a) Undergraduate Courses

Calculus with Applications I, II and III --- Introduction to Probability and Statistics --- Mathematics for Computer Science --- Analytical Dynamics (Math 385) --- Math 499, Math 103, Math 104, Math 107, Stat 273, Stat 105 --- Quantum Mechanics --- Mathematical Modeling--- Differential Equations and Computer Algebra --- Computer Applications in Mathematics., -- Quantum Physics I, II and III, --- Classical Mechanics.

b) Graduate Courses

Mathematical Methods for Engineers I, --- Introduction to Numerical Methods --- Nonlinear Dynamics and Waves, --- Quantum Computation, Computer Algebra. Quantum Theory I, II, --- Quantum Information Science, --- Statistical Mechanics I: Statistical Mechanics of Particles

c) Teaching philosophy

The teaching philosophy can be summarized in the following few words, learning is a journey from point A to point B, where the teacher should provide a clear guidance to his students during their learning journey. In this journey, the teacher should know exactly where it starts and where it ends,  and the steps of the learning process must be very clear and well defined in his mind. Thus, we consider knowing the outcomes of the learning process is a crucial step.  To avoid confusion and disappointment, these outcomes must be tangible and measurable to enable the evaluation of the whole process while happening and at the end. According to our philosophy, we are always keen that our students acquire the problem-solving skill, grasp the fundamental concepts and comprehend the reasoning of these concepts, work collaboratively and think critically. That is why we believe that a teacher must have deep knowledge about topics of the course and be up-to-date about the advancements in the field. In our teaching style, we focus on how to prepare students to grasp the main concepts of a particular subject. Then,  we move to details that allow them to make connections between these main concepts. Our solid mathematical background provided us with a sense of logic, consistency, and comprehensiveness of our teaching style. This allowed us to communicate the main ideas combined with the required level of details that suits the students mindset. We strive to be influential on how students view the area and this is done by getting them motivated and by explaining facts in a simple, interesting and yet a penetrating way. Taking into account that students of today are engineers of the future, we make sure that, as a teacher, curricula and lectures actually prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow as well as those of today  [by Mohamed Mabrok, UNSW].

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